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Anarchist 100ml


Anarchist Black

Anarchist Black is a Fruity Pebbles Cupcake with Frosted Flakes sprinkled on top


Anarchist White

Anarchist White is a delicious Marshmallow cookie. 


Anarchist Red

Anarchist Red is a reminiscent of a strawberry hard candy.


Anarchist Blue

Anarchist Blue is refreshing Blue Slurpee.


Anarchist Green

Anarchist Green is an amazing Apple Butter.


Anarchist Watermelon


Anarchist Watermelon is an amazing watermelon candy with a hint of juicy gummy.


Pink Lemonde

Anarchist Pink Lemonade is a perfectly refeshing combination of sweet and tart pink lemonade.


Anarchist Pink is "Pink Gummy" a watermelon and strawberry gumy.



Anarchist Orange is a Tropical mix of orange, mango and citrus.








Anarchist Black
Posted 1st Jun 2019 by rod

OK...this ones exactly like it sounds in the description. For me I am finding it quite sweet atm so i'd like to give it some time on the shelf to steep now ive added my secret ingredient. Maybe it will mellow out a bit after its had some time to breath?? The fruity pebbles could be the reason it's sweet? Anyway i will be buying this again.....I've been vaping this for two days straight now and its starting to show signs of a all day vape for me!!

Anarchist White
Posted 1st Jun 2019 by rod

If your looking for a sweet juice give this one a try...I did =) Its description says it's Marshmallow & biscuit. I have found this juice to be fairly on the money. Definitely a sweet marshmallow hit with a subtle bakery biscuit aftertaste. I am running it in a dual coil ammit on 0.15 Ohms @ 80w. From my experience this would be super tasty also on any of the ceramic disposable coils as it appears to have a good amount of sweetener. So if you into the sweet bakery flavors this ones worth the punt. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Have a Cloudy Day ..............

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Anarchist 100ml