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Cloudy Days


Breakfast Banana:

Who doesn't like sweets for breakfast. Your favorite banana lolly becomes your favorite banana vape.

The Matador:

Take the bulls by the horn with our sour, cherry, energy fueled E-Juice.

Tabac a la crème:

A smooth and creamy blended tobacco, perfect with a morning coffee.

Caramello Mocha:

Caramel coffee from your favourite barista, sweet and bitter and made with love.


That perfect bite of a ripe and juicy mango that usually dribbles down your chin complemented by the sweet aromatic scent of melon.

Grape Drank:

The best quality grapes and blueberries squeezed in the lab and distilled with taffy to make the perfect blend.

Gone Banana's
Posted 24th Apr 2018 by Rod

So i decided to try this one after some deliberation. Definitely not Banana fruit flavor. This ones straight out of the Allen's lolly bag guys. Almost exactly the same flavor and definitely the exact smell as the good old Banana lollies.Its not overpoweringly (check wiki for that one) sweet which is good for me. No real downside to this flavor and zero calories.............If your looking for a lolly flavor then this ones for you.

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Cloudy Days