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Frenchman's Pipe

Great aroma
Posted 13th Jul 2018 by undefined

My father uses this flavour all the time and I quite like the aroma.

Nice vape juice to vape all day
Posted 27th Oct 2017 by warren Mucha

One of the nicest sweetest juices i've had so far.

My All day Vape
Posted 16th Sep 2017 by Michael

This is simply the nicest juice I have ever had. There is nothing else like it. Highly recommend.

hubby loves it
Posted 28th Jun 2016 by summa smith

Hubby loves this flavor!!!

Perfected Taste, Smooth as butter.
Posted 1st Jun 2015 by Janoria Corven

Seriously, if you like tobacco but dont want to kill your lungs with the 5 thousand+ chemicals that tailor made cigarettes use... Get this e-liquid. i mean it. get it now. its smooth, has just the right strength, and it doesnt hurt your throat. IT IS PERFECT for smokers to get into if you want to quit smoking, or at least reduce your cigarette usage

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Frenchman's Pipe