IVG Liquids


Cinnamon Dough:

That oh so ooey, gooey, melt in the mouth taste of sugar icing

and baked dough with a hint of cinnamon sweetness.

Your favorite American Bun!


Cookie Dough:

We all love cookie Dough right?

Perfect all day vape for cookie dough lovers.


Choco Haze Pancake:

The goodness of hazelnut combined with the richness of chocolate, drizzled over fresh pancakes.


Bubblegum millions

 That amazing bubblegum taste which will bring back your childhood memories back but now its not just for kids! You can try it too!


Summer Blaze

Handcrafted Sicilian lemonade infused with lashings of summer fruits.


Strawberry Millions

Strawberry and candy make a mouth-watering combination and this is what the guys over at IVG have done with Strawberry Millions


Blue Raspberry

Summer will come around eventually, we promise and when it finally does be prepared by grabbing the Blue Raspberry 50ml Short Fill eLiquid by IVG.


Apple Berry Crumble

A perfect match to the traditional English Crumble with a rich apple and blackberry filling finished over a light crumble biscuit with custard poured on top!


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IVG Liquids