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Mama's eliquid


Only The Best Things Come From Mama's Kitchen!


Mama's Apple Pie: As only Mama makes it. Fuji Apple-Cinnamon filling, & her secret crust.


Mama's Blackberry Cheesecake: The Mama's way! Tart and sweet, with a swirled blackberry puree and tasty graham crust.


Mama's Blueberry Cheesecake: Mama doesn't know the word 'diet'. Rich cream cheese filling and blueberry puree.


Mama's Coconut Cream Pie: Mama's prized coconut cream pie, with whipped cream and shaved almonds.


Mama's Key Lime Pie: A cool and tangy favorite. Key Limes, whipped cream, and Mama's love.


Mama's Orange Sticky Bun: Sunday mornings Mama's way. Gooey cinnabun & sugar-orange glaze.


Mama's Nana Nut Swirl: Just out of the oven banana nut bread with hazelnut-cinnamon swirl.


Fortune Luck: Are you feeling lucky? Melon, Berry, Sunshine.


Fortune Wish: We all wish for something good and here it is. Pear, Blueberry, Chill (not menthol)


Fortune Karma: What goes around comes around and this will surely delight. Pomberry, lime, Breeze



Mama's Kitchen located in beautiful Jacksonville Florida

Nana Nut Swirl
Posted 18th Jun 2020 by Chase

Have tried over 40 different liquids and mama's is one of the best i've tried the Nana nut swirl is my favourite by far

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Mama's eliquid
Mama's eliquid