Mama's eliquid


Only The Best Things Come From Mama's Kitchen!


Mama's Apple Pie: As only Mama makes it. Fuji Apple-Cinnamon filling, & her secret crust.


Mama's Blackberry Cheesecake: The Mama's way! Tart and sweet, with a swirled blackberry puree and tasty graham crust.


Mama's Blueberry Cheesecake: Mama doesn't know the word 'diet'. Rich cream cheese filling and blueberry puree.


Mama's Coconut Cream Pie: Mama's prized coconut cream pie, with whipped cream and shaved almonds.


Mama's Key Lime Pie: A cool and tangy favorite. Key Limes, whipped cream, and Mama's love.


Mama's Orange Sticky Bun: Sunday mornings Mama's way. Gooey cinnabun & sugar-orange glaze.


Mama's Nana Nut Swirl: Just out of the oven banana nut bread with hazelnut-cinnamon swirl.


Fortune Luck: Are you feeling lucky? Melon, Berry, Sunshine.


Fortune Wish: We all wish for something good and here it is. Pear, Blueberry, Chill (not menthol)


Fortune Karma: What goes around comes around and this will surely delight. Pomberry, lime, Breeze



Mama's Kitchen located in beautiful Jacksonville Florida

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Mama's eliquid
Mama's eliquid