milk man

Milk Man


Mango Creamsicle

Relax and let the rich, juicy mango and smooth milky cream take you back to simpler times. Get lost reminiscing with this creamy mango treat.

Pink Squared

Lay down and let the strawberry rich taffy stretch across your tastebuds and excite them with the creamy accent.

Pixie Tart

Good ol’’ tart flavour with the sweet candy presence  and a sprinkle of pixie dust of course, to make it magical.

Melon Milk
Soft and refreshing honeydew, squeezed perfectly and ready to serve!



Sweet blueberry strudel with powdered sugar sprinkled softly.



Milky O’s
The classic cookies and cream but mixed together to make a milkshake, perfect.

Little Dipper
Take the soft sugar cookie and dip it with some cloudy, creamy milk to enlighten the mood.


Sweet and fruity raspberry in a crumble will take you to a world of magic.


Sweet hazelnut dipped into sticky caramel will take you a vacation.

Strawberry Churrios
Fluffy and bright Churrios surrounded with strawberry is a delight.

The Original
Perfectly cooked pastry with a strawberry taste goes well with a cup of fresh milk.


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Milk Man