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Red Baron


Red Baron is a complex blend of red and black berries perfectly balanced by bold overtones of absinthe, sub cool and sweet eucalyptus.

Red Baron and CLOUDS - it just makes sense ;)

I'm in hevaen
Posted 10th Nov 2017 by undefined

wow what an awesome hit of flavours in just one draw I'm off in another world :)

Yummy Berries
Posted 19th Jun 2016 by Kathryn

I love this flavour one of my favourites

Red Baron
Posted 15th Apr 2016 by undefined

❤️❤️❤️It, best flavour I've ever had

Red. Is good.
Posted 5th Dec 2015 by undefined

I tried Red Astaire and liked the cool mix but didn't like it enough to keep it going. Red Baron fills the gap. Not too cool, not too sweet. I find myself reaching for this at night just for that something different.

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Red Baron
Red Baron